Kevin Kaiser Programmer Web Developer Graphic Designer (614) 893-3136 Profile and Summary Computers are my life. I'm so passionate about programming, web development, graphic design and everything else that comes with the modern Internet that I honestly can't imagine doing anything else professionally. I want to build better software, simpler interfaces, provide useful solutions and make everyday people feel at ease using things that they might not otherwise understand. • Programmer with skills in C, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, ASP • Design experience in online and print advertising, user interfaces and website layouts • 13 years of in-depth experience using and programming for Internet applications • Adaptable to changing demands and project deadlines • Daily application of Photoshop, Adobe products, Unix/Linux programs and operating systems, as well a host of other audio, video and Internet-related applications. Skills and Experience Programming - creating and delivering client applications, websites and internal tools • Over 10 years of experience as a professional web developer - using HTML, PHP, JavaScript and other technologies to contribute to over 75 difierent web projects, from small database applications to highly visible, heavily trafficked websites for both private companies and government entities. • 6-7 years of experience with SQL and database design - used in both private sector and government projects with as many as of 30,000 users, as well as data modeling and analytics applications. Graphic Design - branding, identity and creating promotional assets • 11 years of experience in graphic design, both online and in print. Projects range from logo design to corporate branding, the creation of dozens of websites, promotional graphics and professional event flyers, apparel, and corollary advertising materials. Miscellaneous - other skills learned in the trenches • Building, repairing and maintaining computer systems. Linux systems administration (httpd, DNS, email hosting), technical writing and documentation, audio / multimedia production and recording, and efiective written and oral communication. Work Experience Resource Interactive - Columbus, OH - Contract Web Developer 6/2010 - Present Developed front-end, back-end and social media solutions for clients and brands ranging from Lean Cuisine to Hewlett-Packard, Gillette to Procter and Gamble, Frιdιric Fekkai to Herbal Essences, Palm, Pantene and more. Data Resolutions, Inc - Columbus, OH - Lead Developer 11/2004 - 3/2010 Designed and created a multitude of websites and custom solutions for both private-sector and government clients, built secure, online databases, marketing websites and e-commerce solutions. Lead developer and designer of both SiteQuarters, a complete CMS and online collaborative tool, and Online PDF Printer, an on-demand PDF generation service aimed at developers. Primary system administrator for web, email and DNS hosting, as well as in-house technical support, sales and marketing support, and so much more. Freelance - Columbus, OH - Web Developer / Graphic Designer 1/2001 - Present Designed and implemented MixtapeHost website in winter of 2002. The site consisted of heavily customized PHP / MySQL back-end, running on Linux and Apache. Custom Apache mods coded in C / APXS. Designed, implemented and maintained Phusion Records' (Los Angeles) website using PHP / MySQL. Created many promotional advertisements for local and national events, used both online and in highly visible print materials. Also created logos and identities for various organizations, as well as graphics and associated materials for many websites. The Danter Company - Columbus, OH - Web Developer 2/2001 - 7/2002 Performed many programming and webmastering tasks, ranging from building an e-commerce site, redesigning and maintaining the main website, archiving sensitive data, repairing computers, and ofiering analysis on feasibility and profitability of planned projects. Cengage Learning, Inc - Florence, KY - Author / Contributor 1/2000 - 4/2000 Wrote an article with accompanying graphics and code describing an alternative method for collision detection using parametrics to be used with arbitrarily oriented polygons in computer games or 3D simulations. The article and code was published in Game Programming Gems, edited by Mark DeLoura. Education Fort Hayes MEC - Columbus, OH - High School or Equivalent 6/2000 High school diploma, with honors. Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP) - Professional Since 1998 Experience PHP - 7 years writing both procedural and object-oriented code JavaScript - 10 years writing procedural code and using object-oriented methodologies Perl, ASP - familiar with both - currently studying .NET Traditional Programming - some C, C++ and shell scripting • recently wrote a custom Apache module for file authentication using APXS2 in C • C/OpenGL code + article published in Game Programming Gems in 2000 Some Examples of Projects Completed PHP library components - written for client applications and internal use • implemented multi-stage caching system, utilizing both MySQL and memcached • created a concise daemon class, based on PEAR::System/Daemon • wrote a threaded and unthreaded frameworks for discussions and comments • built a complete user authentication and permissions system • made tools used for complex image / color manipulation • wrote a multi-DB database abstraction layer • built a fully-recursive filesystem manipulation and information system JavaScript UI components - interactive, object-oriented DHTML user interface widgets • on-screen color chooser • dynamic CSS manager • interactive calendar • threaded and unthreaded discussion boards • dynamic form and query builders • grid control widget to render interactive tables of data JavaScript - other browser components and replacements of note • custom signal handler that implements more efficient and logical event capture • state manager to allow an application to enter varying states and manage key mappings • tile manager to implement infinite 'tiles' that slide like the iPhone UI • a reusable interface to build complex, multi-step wizards Design Philosophy and Background Good design is achieving simplicity - I fell into graphic design as a result of both computer programming and DJ'ing - first while coding realtime 3D graphics with an interest in game programming, then while exploring web development as a natural evolution of computing in the 1990's. I later applied my skills to create numerous CD and LP labels and covers, business cards, event flyers, apparel and websites as promotional tools while pursuing music in the 2000's. Good design facilitates efiective communication - I study and practice graphic design because it's a universal language that infiuences every form of art and helps get your point across to a global audience. Software Proficiency Adobe Photoshop - I've been using Photoshop consistently since version 4 (1998) and am an expert user. I use it for website layouts, photo manipulation, icon design and editing, print materials and everything in between. Adobe Illustrator - I am an intermediate level Illustrator user. I have plenty of experience working with vector graphics and laying print pages out in Illustrator but feel more comfortable doing most of the complex work in Photoshop. Adobe Flash and ActionScript - Flash has been a very helpful tool in more than a few situations but past experience / projects have not really required me to utilize Flash as a multimedia / presentation tool. ActionScript comes naturally due to my depth of experience writing JavaScript.

SiteQuarters is a website hosting platform with full content management system and a collaborative back-end database. It powers everything from simple marketing websites to interactive database applications and corporate intranets.

The marketing website describes what SiteQuarters is all about, and includes some Flash videos that I produced. Much of the original content has since been removed from the website.

I built all of the software from scratch, writing and maintaining over 75,000 lines of PHP and JavaScript, as well as created and administered the associated MySQL databases. I designed the logo and all marketing materials, both print and web. I produced Flash videos for online-tutorials and marketing purposes. I designed, implemented and maintained all SQ customer websites, as well as personally handled a large amount of tech support and customer relations. I also created the vast majority of the graphics used in SQ's website templates and the SiteQuarters user interface.

I Used: HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Photoshop, Flash, ActionScript, C, APXS

This is the marketing website for Data Resolutions, Inc, a Columbus-area IT company / web development house.

I created all the graphics, website layout, SiteQuarters Flash advertisement, created SSL-protected online invoice payment section, integrated Google Maps and wrote all the copy.

I Used: HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Photoshop, Flash

This is a purely informative marketing website for Columbus-area company Livingston Seed. This layout has since been changed to an updated design by a colleague.

I created all the HTML, graphics and PHP-based contact form.

I Used: HTML, PHP, Photoshop

Homestead America is a Columbus-based property management company that needed an updated website to help attract and retain tenants. I worked closely with the company to provide art direction and guidance before implementing a more interactive, photo-oriented website than they had before.

I created a unique layout and design, hand-picked and edited a library of property photos and related assets, integrated the website with Bing Maps (both for navigation and finding local resources), and put together interactive elements to make the site easier to navigate and more aesthetically pleasing.

I Used: HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop

Online PDF Printer is a service that lets developers integrate custom, dynamic PDF creation and downloading into their web-enabled applications with just a few lines of code.

I designed the original concept, wrote the code for the printing gateway and document transformation, designed the public website with private account management section, integrated with a payment gateway for seamless account upgrades and monthly fee collection, designed the logo and website, wrote all the copy and documentation, produced instructional Flash videos, and managed online advertising efforts, client relations and tech support.

I Used: HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Photoshop, Flash, Microsoft Word

This is a marketing website for Columbus security firm Ohio Support Services powered by SiteQuarters. The final website design was very different than this initial proposal.

I created the website layout from provided logos and photos. The final design includes integrated Google Maps and content management via SiteQuarters.

I Used: HTML, PHP, Photoshop

The Ohio Professional Development Network consists of multiple dynamic database applications that we built for the State of Ohio to use to track, rate and interact with childcare facilities and professionals. With over 30,000 registered users benefiting from the system and countless hours and dollars saved in administration costs, the OPDN has been a huge success. State initatives like Step Up To Quality have been made possible by utilizing the OPDN websites and databases.

I wrote all of the core code and created the user interface for all of the major OPDN websites. I was lead developer on the project for 3 years before turning it over to a colleague whom I continued to supervise and aide. Most of the website layouts and graphics were created by me, aside from agency logos and some icons.

I Used: HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Photoshop

Z Cucina is an acclaimed Italian restaurant in Columbus that needed a marketing website and custom catering order system.

I created the website layout, graphics and custom PHP catering order system that both emails and SMS's orders to the restaurant and staff.

I Used: HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Photoshop

Damon's International, Inc is a leading full-service, casual dining restaurant concept that emphasizes prime rib, grilled steaks, chicken, seafood, salad and Damon's award-winning ribs.

Headquartered in Columbus, OH, I worked with them to secure and migrate their corporate intranet from an existing third party vendor and re-implement into SiteQuarters.

Due to the then-current intranet codebase being developed in-house by a different vendor, I had to extend SiteQuarters to perform the same functions as the existing software, retain the same look and feel, build custom data collection and reporting modules and mimick the familiar user interface so as to not alienate current users.

I Used: HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Photoshop

This was a older version of the SiteQuarters marketing website.

I Used: Photoshop

The Player's Club is the premiere indoor tennis facility in central Ohio. I worked with their designers to implement a good-looking SiteQuarters website.

I Used: HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Photoshop

Taste of Olde Towne was an event showcasing the historic Olde Towne East neighborhood near Downtown Columbus. I was provided a basic layout which I translated into a SiteQuarters layout for a colleague.

American Cheese was a DJ collective based in the Mid-West. I was both a member and ran the website, which contained fresh daily content, an extremely busy forum and lots of music for download. This specific design was never launched, as the project disbanded before the third major iteration was completed.

The Damon's project was quickly adopted by another restaurant franchise corporation, Quaker Steak & Lube®. Powered by SiteQuarters, many of the same file-sharing, announcement and notification features are shared between both sites.

I Used: HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Photoshop

As part of our marketing push for SiteQuarters, I created a handful of targeted niche microsites that highlighted vertical markets and specific applications of the software.

This design was produced as a proposal for one of our clients, The RAM Group. It was never approved for implementation.

Ketera's e-procurement solution is a web-based procurement product that helps companies deploy a feature rich solution quickly across the organization. I worked closely with Ketera, The Ohio State University and a handful of our clients to build custom e-procurement solutions that integrated with Ketera and PeopleSoft to allow purchase orders to be intiated, managed and fullfilled electronically.

An online database application for vendors to manage their products and quotes, with back-end integration with Ketera, as well as custom document transformation code used to extract and manipulate data from PDFs uploaded by the vendor.

I Used: HTML, PHP, JavaScript, cXML

ASIS International is the preeminent organization for security professionals. I worked closely with the Columbus-area chapter 27 to build a website that they could maintain and use to collect funds to electronically register members for various seminars and outings.

I Used: HTML, PHP, JavaScript, PayPal

Phusion Records was the foremost record store in North America specializing in hardcore rave vinyl. I designed and built their e-commerce store / catalogue until the store closed up shop a few years ago.

The website layout, all graphics, a back-end catalogue and inventory management system, integrated the checkout process with, as well as created animated banner ads and accompanying promotional graphics used both on and offline.

I Used: HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Photoshop, Authorize.Net

Rohini's Chutneys is a simple brochure website for a local chutney producer. The site originated as a SiteQuarters site but has since been moved to alternate hosting.